• Join a dynamic group of universities, ready to develop the region and themselves.
  • We offer a platform for exchange of students, researchers, teachers and the basis for a successful project development in the educational and research sector.
  • Regular conferences, workshops and lobbying activities add additional value to your membership.

How will your university become a member?

The “ICA Regional Network for Central and South Eastern Europe”, in short CASEE, is established as Standing Committee within ICA (Association for European Life Science Universities). The Network addresses the disciplines relating to AGRICULTURE, FOOD, BIOTECHNOLOGY, NATURAL RESOURCES, RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND THE ENVIRONMENT

Full CASEE membership is open to Life-Science institutions from countries in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe. Associate Membership is open to appropriate institutions from other countries.

Life Science Higher Education Institutions which award the minimum of a Master degree with both taught and research elements (not a taught only Master) are eligible for membership of CASEE and ICA.

Members of CASEE have to pay an annual membership fee of 1200  € plus a contribution to the Fund for Incentives of  500 €. 

  • CASEE members that are also ICA members benefit from a reduced membership fee of 900 € (In total 1800 € to both networks)
  • Considering the World Bank GDP Country and Lending Groups, CASEE members from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova and Ukraine only pay 50% of the fee (600 + 250 respectively 450 + 250)
  • CASEE Members that are not able to contribute to the fund for incentives should submit a written request for approval by the General Assembly.
  • CASEE members that are not able to contribute to the fund for incentives are not entitled to obtain project funding from the fund for incentives.


Application procedure:

  • Official Motivation Letter from your Rector
  • Presentation of your University

    These documents have to be sent by registered post to:
    Ms. Gudrun Reisinger
    University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU)
    Peter Jordan Strasse 82a
    1190 Vienna

  • Presentation of your candidature during a General Assembly

For further information and to start the application procedure please contact the Executive Secretary of CASEE, Gudrun Reisinger (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


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