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Scholarship possibilites for Danube AgriFood students:

Please note: For mobilities in semester 2, 3 and 4 Danube AgriFood students can apply for scholarships (e.g. Erasmus+ or CEEPUS). For scholarship recipients tuition fees can be waived.
Since the first semester will be spent at BOKU, Vienna (Austria), please inform yourself about funding options for Austria: The Austrian Exchange Service offers an overview on funding options.

Example for financing your DAFM study:

See also mobility track

Semester Tuition fees Scholarships/grants opportunities Living costs on average per month
1st semester at BOKU, Vienna

EU students: 20,20 €
Non EU students*: 726,72 €

Performance related study grants (approx. 700 €) 800-900 €
2nd semester at SZIU

Erasmus+ scholarship: 360 €/month
CEEPUS scholarship: 350 € + 200 € (mobility grant), incl. student dorm

500-700 €
2nd semester at BUASVMBT

Erasmus+ scholarship: 360 €/month
CEEPUS scholarship: 120 € + 200 € (mobility grant), incl. student dorm

500 €
3rd semester at UNIZG
waived Erasmus+ scholarship: 360 €/month
CEEPUS scholarship: 170 € + 200 € (mobility grant), incl. student dorm
550 €
3rd semester at UNS
waived Erasmus+ scholarship: 360 €/month
CEEPUS scholarship: 170 € + 200 € (mobility grant), incl. student dorm
500 €
4th semester at any partner university

Please note: Students who would like to study at their home country cannot opt for a CEEPUS scholarship. 
DAFM students can apply at BOKU, Vienna for scholarships.

* At BOKU, Vienna a permanent waiver of tuition fees is granted to degree programme students who are citizens from the following countries, the administrative fee (€ 20,20/semester in 2020) must be paid: Afghanistan, Malawi, Angola, Mali, Bangladesh, Mauritania, Benin, Mozambique, Bhutan, Myanmar, Burkina Faso, Nepal, Burundi, Niger, Cambodia, Rwanda, Central African Republic, Sao Tome und Principe, Chad, Senegal, Comoros, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Solomon Islands, Djibouti, Somalia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Gambia, Tanzania, Guinea, Timor-Leste, Guinea-Bissau, Togo, Haiti, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Uganda, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Vanuatu, Lesotho, Yemen, Liberia, Zambia, Madagascar.

Tuition Fees

In the following list below you find information about regular tuition fees at partner universities (as mentioned above, tuition fees can be waived):



  • EU-Students: 3000€ per year (for DAFM students waived)


  • 3000€ per year (for DAFM students waived)


  • 1500€ per semester, only charged in the one semester spending there (for DAFM students waived)


  • 1000€ per semester (for DAFM students waived)

Living Costs

Austria - Vienna: 800-900€ per month
Croatia - Zagreb: 530€ per month
Hungary - Budapest: 450-750€ per month
Hungary - Gödöllö: 500€ per month
Romania - Timisoara: 500€ per month
Serbia - NoviSad: 500€ per month

Legal Entry to:

Austria: Entry-Residence and Employment
Croatia: Visa requirements overview 
Hungary-Gödöllö: Offical Information 
Romania: contact local programme coordinator
Serbia: contact local programme coordinator


BOKU: Accommodation opportunities 
BUASVM: contact local programme coordinator
NoviSad: Buddy Network
SZIU: Information from SZIU 
Zagreb: Housing information 

Additional Information Links

BOKU: How to Plan Your Life in Vienna - How to Plan Your Study at BOKU
NoviSad: Buddy Network - Serbian Language Courses: Centre of Serbian as a Foreign Language
Zagreb: Living & studying in Zagreb  


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