Mobility track

Mobility track

Mobility track

Danube AgriFood students can choose if they want to spend their second semester at SZIU/Hungary or BUASVMT/Romania and their third semester either at UNIZG/Croatia or UNS/Serbia. The first semster will be at BOKU/Austria. Furthermore, students have the possibility to gain professional experience by doing an internship in their field of interest during their study programme and to improve their scientific work by preparing themselves with the lecture "Presenting at a Scientific Conference" and by participating at the CASEE summer school.


Each student has to study at at least 3 different universities.

In detail, this means that the students have to complete the following schedule:

a) Semester 1 at BOKU
b) Semester 2 at SZIU or BUASVMT
c) the compulsory Summer or Winter School, the internship and lecture on preparing a scientific conference
d) Semester 3 at UNIZG or UNS
e) Semester 4: master’s thesis and graduation at one of the 5 degree-awarding partner universities (BOKU, SZIU, BUASVMT, UNIZG, UNS) (with co-supervision of master’s thesis by another of the 5 degree-awarding partner universities)

Each degree-awarding partner has to offer courses of at least 30 ECTS credits per semester for students to choose.

Scholarships and financial support

For the mobilities in semester 2/3/4, BOKU students can apply for Erasmus+ funding, CEEPUS or other scholarships. The administrative coordinator of the Danube AgriFood programme supports you with your application and informs you about funding possibilites: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For students at SZIU Gödöllö, please concact the international office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for scholarship information.

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