2013 workshop 1

The workshop "Soil protection and the Danubean perspectives" was chaired by Walter Wenzel (BOKU, Vienna) and Pavel Tlustos (CULS, Prague)

This workshop was dedicated to the sustainable use and protection of soil resources in the Danube region. The four oral contributions covered aspects of plant nutrient (P, N) availability from the field to the rhizosphere scale and the effects of soil tillage on soil carbon losses and phytomanagement of metal pollution. Three of the six posters were related to plant nutrition and fertilisation, food quality and yield, including food waste management through biogas production. Other topics covered in the poster session include sorption and retention of trace elements, non-invasive spectroscopy for predicting soil characteristics and soil organic matter in conventional versus organic farming systems.
The scientific information provided in this workshop was indicative of the high potential of the CASEE partners in soil and crop research and overall contributes to an improved understanding of management options for sustainable intensification of crop production in the region.



ivzw - International Non-Profit Organization
Registration number (ondernemingsnummer): 0546.953.997

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