2013 workshop 3

The workshop “Agriculture, water use and protection in the Danube region“  was chaired by Milan Mesic (University of Zagreb) and Davor Romic

In this workshop we had a two day programme with 10 presentations, four of them on the first day, and six on the second day. Two presentations were from Austria, two from Romania, one from Slovenia and five from Croatia. First day presentations were more closely related to water pollution and water protection. Two of them analyzed the problem of nitrates, one dealt with drought vulnerability and one with irrigation water use potential modeling. Presentations on the second day can be described in a broader environmental context. One dealt with environmental efficiency of different farming systems, one with energy use efficiency, while the others were analyzing farming influence on landscape and biodiversity, soil compaction problems and potato nitrogen tests and models on potato pathogen development.

In the poster section there were six presentations: three from Poland, two from Romania and one from Croatia. Presented themes were very diverse and covered the following topics: cultivation of GMO, water pollution with heavy metals, water stress in agriculture, soil reclamation, influence on plant cover and soil moisture, and occurrence of entomopathogens in various ecosystems.



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